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Session Elders

Grace Session and Committees

As there were in Old Testament times elders for the government of the people, so the New Testament Church provided persons with particular gifts to share in governing and ministry. (Book of Order G-6.0301)

The Grace Session meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 7:00 pm. Meetings are open to all members of the church. Elders are elected by the Congregation, serve three-year terms, and oversee the church activities, programs, and resources. Interim Pastor Lisa Kenkeremath is the moderator of the Session and Greta Tosi-Miller is the Clerk of Session for 2016-2017.


Lisa Kenkeremath, Interim Pastor/Moderator; 703-451-2900 press #3

Greta Tosi-Miller, Clerk of Session; 703-356-1916

Coleen Austin, Aging with Grace; Stephen Ministry, Congregational Care; 703-451-9367

Lee Bartlett, Nursery/ Play 'n Worship Elder; 703-644-8433

Cindi Bryant, Human Resources Elder; 703-455-3855

Ed Bryant, Stewardship Elder; 703-455-3855

David Buckley, Mission and Service Elder; 703-626-2811

Maria Clayton, Preschool Elder; 703-644-1493

Alan Goldstein, Communication Elder; 703-866-0627

Kim Hatfield, Youth Ministry Elder; 703-912-3126

Nancy Machado, Children’s Discipleship Elder; 703-569-3289

Joe Miller, Evangelism; 703-356-1916

Penny Newsome, Worship Elder; 703-643-0156

Michael Phillips, Finance Elder; 703-642-6533

John Sowdon, Fellowship Elder; 703-680-3101

Nelson Thurman, Adult Discipleship Elder; 703-922-4395

 Updated:  4 November 2016





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