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Grace Board of Directors

Section 1 of the bylaws. Qualification; Election; Removal. The corporate powers and business ofthe Church shall be exercised by or under the authority of the Board of Directors, also referred to in these Bylaws as the "Board" or "Directors".

The Nominating Committee shall nominate and the Members shall elect at least three and up to six Directors divided into approximately three (3) equal classes, one class of whom shall be elected each year. The term for each class shall be for three (3) years. No Director shall serve for more than two consecutive 3 year terms, either full or partial, aggregating more than six (6) years. A Director having served a total of six (6) years shall be ineligible for re-election to the Board for a period of at least one (1) year.

No less than fifty (50%) percent of the Board shall not be related to paid staff. They must also be otherwise eligible under civil law and at least 18 years of age. Member termination for any cause shall automatically terminate such person as a Director of the Corporation.

No Director is eligible to concurrently serve on Session.


The Board of Directors shall undertake the following activities :

A  . Recommend to Session and the Corporation the buying, selling and encumbering of real property;

B.  Buy and sell personal property of Grace Church;

C. Manage all real and personal property of Grace Church;

D. Draft and manage the Grace Church property budget

E. Manage all special/non-operating budgeted funds of Grace Church - includes reserves and endowed, memorial and other special funds;

F. Establish and manage the policy for outside groups' use of Grace Church real property;

G. Provide a long-term visionary plan for Grace Church real and personal property; and

H. Provide a written annual report of Board activities to Session and Corporation members.

Board of Directors and Responsibilities





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