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From the Mission Mailbag

"It is so inspiring to receive a gift that allows us to say 'yes' to a child, family or adult" in need at the Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza. "Your generosity tells people in the Holy Land that you believe in them, and that is truly powerful."

                    --Anne K. Lynn, President,
                       American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem

“Greetings from the Holy Land! ...Your generosity makes a Presbyterian ministry possible in Israel-Palestine, where we are working to spread hope and make peace a reality in the land of Christ’s birth.”

                             --Kate Taber, PCUSA missionary in Bethlehem

“Thank you so much for all the food, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal, our first one in our new country.”

                             --A Syrian refugee family that has settled in Springfield

“Thank you so much for sponsoring 43 children at Cameron Elementary School. Your generosity was truly an amazing outpouring of love for those less fortunate... The joy, relief and gratitude are powerful in their faces. Your generosity touched many hearts -- including mine.”

                          --Cindi Bryant, counselor at Cameron Elementary

“Your gift of $600 has been deposited to the Koinonia Foundation... Thanks to your generosity, we continue to meet our mission of giving hope and help with compassion and care.”

                          --Robert Petitti, executive director, Koinonia in Franconia

“Thank you for your kind donation of 500 hygiene kits to Church World Service. Your compassion has given individuals and families touched by disaster the tangible evidence that they matter.”

                        --Rev. John L. McCullough, president, Church World Service

“Thank you for your fantastic donation of 25 Thanksgiving baskets that were gratefully enjoyed by client families. We truly appreciate your commitment to our mission to serve those in need in this community.”

                       --Robert F. Diegelman, president, Ecumenical Community Helping Others,                                        Springfield

“Thank you for your recent donation of $410 ... (which) supports home builds and helps us assist homeowners in need of important home repairs.”

                       --Rev. Dr.Jon Smoot, executive director, Habitat for Humanity of Northern                                         Virginia

“Thanks for your generous gift ... Your gift extends welcome to those who have been crushed by disaster or the ravages of violence.”

                       --Rev. Dr. Laurie A. Kraus, Presbyterian Mission Agency

Updated:  24 March 2016





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