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Through your offerings and hands on service, Grace purchased, assembled and delivered over 750 Hygiene Kits for Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.

  • Sunday Morning Adult Christian Education October 25

    Before Calvin, before Wesley, even before Luther, our theological forefathers prayed and reckoned with how the coming of Jesus translated to a new worship of God. The new Adult Discipleship class is reviewing the thinking and contributions of several pre-Reformation theologians. Last week, we learned about Athanasius, and this week we will consider Augustine, often called the "Doctor" of the church. For additional information please click "Continue Reading" below.

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  • Welcome Grace’s Newest Member! October 25

    Chuck Barber is an army officer originally from Opelika, Alabama.  He has an 11-year-old daughter Kaylea and a nine-year-old son Ian. Both attend West Springfield Elementary School. Chuck is an engineer graduate from Auburn University, where he received his commission, in 1994.

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  • Grace Church Finance/Offering Update October 16

    GPC FINANCIAL/OFFERINGS UPDATE... As of the end September, Offering from Members is below about $46,500 from what we “budgeted” at this time of the year - - i.e., we expected (budgeted) to receive $459,000. We have received only $412.500. A ”good” note is that our Expenses are also below at this time. Members recently received (or should have) their statements showing Offerings as of the end of September and their Annual Pledge amounts. For additional information please click "Continue Reading" below.

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  • Oct 25, 2014

    Please Keep in Your Prayers... Jean Ackor, Jimmy Byrd, Harry Gault, Anna Pepper, Bob Phares, Susan Stryker, Chris Thurman, and Malcolm Weaver. Please click on "date" above to view Grace's complete prayer list.





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